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Our free Lending Library has resources for addiction counselors, parents, educators, faith-based organizations and others interested in promoting healthy behavviors, and consists of films in two formats:

  • DVDs
  • Streaming

Films are available for you to borrow if you live or work in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. You can request materials online, call, or stop in.

Borrowing limits are 3 streams or 10 DVDs at one time.

DVDs can be picked up at our offices: 630 Janet Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17601.

Lending Library Directory

  • Alcohol, Drugs and the Brain

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 00:41:00  |  Audience: Adults

    A complete overview of how alcohol and drugs affect the brain by University of Texas professor of pharmacology, Dr. Carlton Erickson. The difference between abuse and dependence is…

  • Alcohol, Drugs, Body & Mind: The Medical Consequences

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 00:43:00  |  Audience: Age 16+

    What happens to our bodies when we abuse alcohol and drugs? What is the effect on our brain chemistry? How do drugs actually produce the effect of feeling…

  • Alibi vs. Denial

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 00:42:00  |  Audience: Adults

    Delbert Boone explores denial and discusses how many healthcare professionals often say that addicted people are in “denial.” According to Boone, if that were true, they would have…

  • Choices

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 00:32:00  |  Audience: Age 16+

    Robert Kent tells the heart wrenching story of how his son, Brandon, and 2 friends were killed by a drunk driver on Christmas morning. His story illustrates the…

  • Domestic Violence & Substance Abuse Series

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 01:03:00  |  Audience: Adults

    Part 1: The Abusers Four former abusers, men and women, tell their stories of substance abuse and how it lead to violence. What they learned about themselves during…

  • Facing Fears in Recovery

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 01:00:00  |  Audience: Adults

      This film is a discussion with 7 recovering people and family members in recovery. They discuss the fears associated with being new to 12-Step meetings, finding a…

  • Family Addiction Series

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 06:40:00  |  Audience: Adults

    Rocky and Debbie Hill host this engaging and informative treatment series designed to involve the whole family in the recovery process.  They take the audience through each of…

  • Fear. . . The Anger Trigger Series

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 01:55:00  |  Audience: Adults

    Part 1: I Think, Therefore I Act When we are confronted, often we feel threatened, disrespected, rebellious, vindictive, scared or defensive. Our actions are framed by our thoughts….

  • Freedom From Prison and Drugs

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 00:34:00  |  Audience: Adults

    This film shows five men who have been incarcerated due to their behavior while using alcohol and drugs. They have since found sobriety using the 12-step program and…

  • Good Intentions: Bad Choices

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 02:34:00  |  Audience: Adults

    Research shows that most people who are released from jails and prisons have the most problems in the first year. Those problems are mainly in three areas: the…

  • Marijuana: The Medical Consequences

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 00:43:00  |  Audience: Adults

    In this dynamic presentation, Dr. Keppler invites the audience to look past their own personal views of the drug marijuana, and to look instead at marijuana’s effects and…

  • Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 00:42:00  |  Audience: Adults

    Delbert Boone discusses Dr. Abraham Maslow’s theory that human beings are motivated by unsatisfied needs and that certain lower, basic needs must be satisfied before higher needs can…

  • Meth: Recovery is Possible

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 00:48:00  |  Audience: Adults

    In this film, Earnie Larsen, famed author and lecturer, brings together an assorted group of people in recovery from meth of all ages and backgrounds. In a group…

  • Overcoming Early Life Trauma

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 01:00:00  |  Audience: Adults

    Dr. Cardwell C. Nuckols addresses why early childhood neglect or abuse is a consistent finding in criminal justice offenders and people with addiction who chronically relapse. He explains…

  • Pills and Pain

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 00:45:00  |  Audience: Adults

    This installment in the Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson video library discusses the current issue of opioid abuse in America. Beautifully filmed. Thomas has been in recovery since 1983, but…

  • Pleasure Scale: Craving Identification & Management

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 02:14:00  |  Audience: Adults

    Cravings Identification and Management (CIM) is based on the addiction treatment model developed by Dr. Alex Stalcup. Craving is broadly defined as the desire to use alcohol or…

  • Pleasure Unwoven

    Format: DVD  |  Length: 01:10:00  |  Audience: Adults

    This high-definition video essay explores addiction as a disease, reviewing the latest neuroscientific research about addiction along the way. Using the spectacular landscape of Utah’s state and national…

  • Prisoners of Addiction

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 00:33:00  |  Audience: Adults

    This film shows 4 women incarcerated due to their behavior while using alcohol and drugs, then found sobriety and have not had to return to substance abuse or…

  • Stages of Family Recovery

    Format: DVD  |  Length: 00:36:00  |  Audience: Age 16+

    For families, the pain of living with a loved one’s addiction can lead to shame, secrecy, and isolation. Stages of Family Recovery is an encouraging, empowering video that…

  • Straight Talk: Heroin and Opiates

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 00:49:00  |  Audience: Adults

    Two award winning presenters have joined forces in Straight Talk, Heroin and Opiates. David Ohlms, M.D. and Delbert Boone, both icons in the field of addiction and recovery…

  • The Cat Who Drank and Used Too Much

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 00:12:00  |  Audience: Ages 6-96

    Winner of 24 major awards, this delightful tale stands the test of time, and deals with addiction in a positive, non-threatening way. It can be used with people…

  • The Roots of Addiction 2011 Update

    Format: DVD  |  Length: 00:32:00  |  Audience: Age 16+

    A highly visual film that examines the biological and environmental reasons that people become addicted to substances such as legal drugs, e.g., alcohol, tobacco, and prescription medications; illegal…

  • The Rules of Recovery

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 00:45:00  |  Audience: Adults

    Delbert Boone outlines the “rules of recovery,” emphasizing the importance of getting dry so that one can begin to realize what addiction has taken from their life, and…

  • The Truth About AD/HD

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 00:45:00  |  Audience: Adults

      Wendy Richardson addresses many of the myths surrounding AD/HD and outlines its characteristics and common symptoms. She graphically explains how brain function is effected by AD/HD and…

  • The Twelve Steps with Delbert Boone

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 02:30:00  |  Audience: Adults

    Delbert Boone explores the road to recovery through the use of the Twelve Steps- each step can be shown as a separate clip. He addresses how most addicted…

  • Therapy Games

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 00:46:00  |  Audience: Adults

    Ideally, therapy should be a rewarding experience where a person can focus on personal issues. However, may who enter therapy choose to “play the game” focusing on how…

  • Trilogy of Recovery Series

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 01:20:00  |  Audience: Adults

    A Trilogy of Recovery offers counselors, facilitators and therapists the powerful medium of entertainment education – a leading-edge tool to help clients and patients address the chemical dependency…

  • Who’s Fooling Who? Relapse & the Family

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 00:34:00  |  Audience: Adults

    Although some signs of relapse are very obvious, other signs are subtle and tend to knock us off our feet. Counselor Rosetta Oliver explains the relapse process, identifying…

  • Your Body and Your Health

    Format: Streaming  |  Length: 00:36:00  |  Audience: Adults

    Dr. Carlos Tirado, addiction psychiatrist, leads us through a compelling look at the other diseases and negative effects of the risky behaviors drug and alcohol users so often…