Children of Incarcerated Parents

Our Family Services Advocates (FSAs) support the unique needs and rights of
children with incarcerated parents.

This program in Lancaster and Lebanon Counties helps families and caregivers connect with existing community supports, and maintain healthy parent-child relationships.

Our Team

Headshot of a woman indoors, surrounded by plants and light

Karlee Shambaugh, MS, CAADC

Family Services Advocate – Lancaster

A woman in business casual clothing poses for a headshot in an indoor atrium with plants. She is smiling.

Sarah Sechrist

Family Services Advocate – Lebanon


Compass Mark provides support free-of-charge to those caring for children 0-18 years of age who have one or more incarcerated parents. The child must reside in Lancaster or Lebanon Counties, PA.


  • Children and caregivers’ basic needs
  • Temporary guardianship
  • Therapeutic supports such as counseling
  • Healthy relationship between child and their incarcerated parent
  • School connection & success
  • Trauma caused by separation


Our FSAs visit both the child and their caregiver in the home, as well as the incarcerated parent at Lancaster County Prison or Lebanon County Correctional Facility.



Parenting Inside Out

We provide parenting classes in Lancaster County Prison and Lebanon County Correctional Facility using the evidence-based Parenting Inside Out curriculum. Twelve-session groups for male and female incarcerated individuals are alternated throughout the year.