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Audience: Adults  |  Published: 2012

Delbert Boone explores the road to recovery through the use of the Twelve Steps- each step can be shown as a separate clip. He addresses how most addicted people want to make sobriety an event, when in fact it is a process, and he explains how each of the Twelve Steps is an important part of the process.

Using real life experiences Delbert will address the following:

  • That regardless what your drug of choice is, the results are the same
  • The thought and planning that went into developing each Step
  • The importance of involving ourselves in self-help
  • How each step applies to the life of the addict
  • The importance of incorporating the Twelve Steps of A.A. or N.A, into a successful recovery plan
  • How going to meetings and working the Steps will lead the addict down the road to recovery

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