Find Help in Lancaster County

Do you or a loved one need help with addiction?

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol, drugs, gambling or other behaviors, Compass Mark is here to help. Browse our Lancaster County, PA resources or reach out for confidential guidance.

Call our Information & Referral Specialists at (717) 299-2831 for individualized attention.

  • Helplines

    Find assistance for addiction & mental health issues, including emergencies.

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  • Outpatient & Evaluations icon

    Outpatient & Assessments

    Find drug & alcohol assessments, as well as individual and group counseling.

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  • Detox & inpatient icon

    Detox & Inpatient Treatment

    Withdrawal management (detox) and inpatient treatment offer 24-hour, structured care.

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  • Medication icon

    Medication-Assisted Treatment

    Find medication-assisted treatment for opioid and alcohol use disorders, including Suboxone,
    Vivitrol, and methadone.

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  • recovery icon

    Support Groups

    Find support groups for people with addiction disorders, their loved ones, and those experiencing grief.

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  • Recovery House Icon

    Recovery Houses

    Find licensed houses for those in recovery from substance use disorders.

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  • Recovery Program Icon

    Recovery Programs

    Find programs and services that support people in recovery from addiction.

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  • Adolescent treatment icon

    Adolescent Treatment

    Find outpatient treatment options for youth
    ages 14 to 17.

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  • gambling icon

    Gambling Treatment

    Find counselors with state or national certifications in treating gambling disorders.

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Priority Populations

Funding for individuals without insurance coverage—who meet eligibility requirements—is offered by the Lancaster County Drug & Alcohol Commission. The Commission and its contracted service providers shall give the identified Priority Populations preference to treatment as follows, and in the following order: pregnant individuals who inject drugs; pregnant individuals who use substances; persons who inject drugs; overdose survivors; and veterans.