• Evening event
    October 7, 2019
    5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Compass Mark presents the Freedom Writers: Stories from an Undeclared War

Event Phone: (717) 238-0937

  • 1-Day Event
    September 18, 2019
    8:00 am - 4:00 pm

This Symposium will feature nationally acclaimed speakers who are experts in child abuse prevention, including how to keep children safe, and how to utilize responsive relationships in youth intervention.

A group of middle school students pose in front of a homemade banner promoting kindness

Image: Lincoln Middle School’s first cohort of LFG addressed bullying and promoted kindness. When the students of the Leaders of Future Generations (LFG) initiative begin the eight-week program, they are asked to brainstorm and write out answers to four questions: How would you change the world? What about your country? How can you change Pennsylvania?…

Close up of person in black holding an infant

Compass Mark’s Family Services Advocate program has been available in Lancaster County for the past four years and beginning in March, it is now available to serve children and caregivers in Lebanon County. The Family Services Advocate program identifies, supports, and advocates for the unique needs and rights of children whose parents are incarcerated, and…

Three teens smile

Electronic vaping devices go by many names, such as e-cigarettes, e-cigars, e-pipes, vape pipes, vaping pens, e-hookahs, or hookah pens. They are often easy to conceal and some even give off little vapor and smell, allowing teens to easily conceal them on school grounds. Compass Mark is keeping track of various types of vaping devices…

A mural on the side of a building has letters and words arranged like a crossword puzzle. In the center we see the word "possible."

By Anne Schober, Youth Leadership Advocate I love summer. I love the idea of wearing flip-flops every day, soaking up the sun while sipping on lemonade, enjoying a refreshing dip in the pool, savoring Lancaster County sweet corn, catching fireflies and watching the sunset. . . summer is my season. And yet, October excites me….

Video gaming at home

Following the World Health Organization’s classification of gaming addiction as a diagnosable disorder, many parents are wondering if they should be concerned about their children’s gaming habits. While experts have varying opinions about gaming addiction, most agree that allowing children to play video games is usually fine, with limitations on screen time and proper supervision…

A total of 53 5th and 6th graders from Landis Run Intermediate School spent 8 weeks completing the first year of Compass Mark’s Leadership Institute after-school program. There were three separate cohorts of 15-20 students spread out through the 2017-2018 school year working together to first learn about leadership qualities, and then to create and…

There are a variety of reasons why a young person may begin using alcohol or drugs. While most people don’t actually develop addiction, researchers have identified several major risk factors that may lead to drug or alcohol abuse in teens. Can you recognize them? Think about the children and teens in your life and learn what…

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