• Day One
    May 19, 2020
    8:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Day Two
    May 20, 2020
    8:00 am - 4:00 pm

The 2020 Dauphin County Addictions Conference will explore emerging topics in the prevention, treatment, and recovery of various types of addictions, including substance use and gambling disorders.

A coloful eagle stretches along the hall of a middle school. It's feathers are made up of indivual cut-outs with inspirational words written by the kids.

Compass Mark’s dedicated teams work to fulfill the mission to prevent addiction through education, skill-building, and community mobilization. Lauren Krebs, Youth Leadership Advocate I haven’t been here long but I did get to witness Landis Run Intermediate School’s community service project day and it was great. The children started the day by handing out bracelets…

Compass Mark's logo with the tagline "Science-Based Addiction Prevention"

Compass Mark’s mission is to prevent addiction through education, skill-building, and community mobilization.   On Monday, October 7th, Compass Mark hosted two of the original Freedom Writers, Tony Becerra, and Cynthia Ray, to share their stories with our community. The night was filled with messages of inspiration, empowerment, and resiliency. We celebrated both the 20th…

A woman with dark hair and shirt stands in front of a projection monitor, obviously speaking to an audience.

Community Prevention Mobilizer, Christine Glover Compass Mark’s Community Prevention Mobilizer, Chris Glover, coaches grassroots groups in the use of tested and effective programs, policies, and procedures. The mobilizer helps to build skills and equip the group leaders to build more efficient, effective, and sustainable organizations.. Each year, Compass Mark’s Community Prevention Mobilizer hosts a breakfast…

Across the spectrum of programs and services at Compass Mark there are moving stories of personal success: a mother finding a way to afford help for her daughter; a grandmother finding her path as a caregiver for a child with an incarcerated parent; a young person seeing hope and a way out of addiction. Below…

What type of youth substance abuse prevention is most effective? At Compass Mark, our mission is to find evidence-based prevention programs and put them to work in Lancaster and Lebanon. Many of our youth programs are based on social and emotional learning (SEL), a term that defines acquiring the skills that help children make healthier,…

Compass Mark recently welcomed Eric Kennel as its new Executive Director. Eric, who previously served as Director of Grant Development for multiservice nonprofit Liberty Lutheran, says he’s proud to be part of the Compass Mark team. He adds:

When it comes to preventing youth substance abuse, once-and-done assemblies or three-word phrases (Just say no!) simply don’t work. Rather, substance abuse prevention requires a more thorough approach. Learn about the risk factors that can lead to the use of alcohol and other drugs, and how protective factors can give kids the foundation they need…

The Obama administration is seeking an additional $1.1 billion from Congress to fight heroin and prescription painkiller abuse, according to The New York Times. Nearly 50% of the new funds would go toward expanding treatment availability. The remaining money would support:

Recent headlines have highlighted the profound impact of heroin abuse—a trend that’s triggered plenty of necessary conversations about prevention and treatment efforts in Lancaster, PA and across the country. These discussions about heroin are important; however parents, teachers, and other concerned adults shouldn’t take their focus off a more prevalent problem in our community: alcohol.

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