• Virtual Day 1
    June 15, 2021
    9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Virtual Day 2
    June 16, 2021
    8:30 am - 12:00 pm
  • Virtual Day 3
    June 17, 2021
    8:30 am - 2:00 pm

CPA is a member-driven, grassroots organization whose mission is to support prevention professionals in eliminating substance abuse. The 21st Annual Conference will be virtual this year, and prepares professionals to do addiction prevention based on science.

A shiny copper balance scale rests on wooden boards stained orange, green, blue, red and purple

An old-fashioned balance scale serves as a good metaphor for how we do addiction prevention. When our prevention specialists are out in the community, we’re asked some predictable questions about our work. Q: Are most kids using opioids? A: Definitely not. In both Lebanon & Lancaster Counties, less than 1% of kids have ever tried…

A group of middle school students in matching shirts stand in front of a huge banner reading "Building Community Day"

LFG Students Leaders of Future Generations (LFG) is a school-based prevention program offered by Compass Mark for middle and high school youth who exhibit leadership potential. Students, mentors, Compass Mark facilitators, and youth advocates meet together for 12 weeks during their afterschool program to explore topics such as communication, personal values, managing conflict, and leadership….

Compass Mark's logo with the tagline "Science-Based Addiction Prevention"

Compass Mark’s mission is to prevent addiction through education, skill-building, and community mobilization.   On Monday, October 7th, Compass Mark hosted two of the original Freedom Writers, Tony Becerra, and Cynthia Ray, to share their stories with our community. The night was filled with messages of inspiration, empowerment, and resiliency. We celebrated both the 20th…

Recovery Month Celebrates Healing and Thriving Imagine having an illness that is often fatal, but can be recovered from—a highly stressful situation. Now imagine the general public not only believes that recovery is impossible but also blames you for having this illness. Beliefs are powerful, and can determine whether an illness is secret or shared;…

A group of tweens and teens pose in summer clothes in a wooded stream

Our 2019 Kids Kampers doing some exploring. Compass Mark is guiding youth and adults toward healthy, addition-free lives. . . thanks to your generosity! Individuals, businesses, faith-based organizations and community groups across Lancaster and Lebanon counties have helped Compass Mark gain tremendous momentum in 2019.  Our school-based programs are reaching more young people, new and…

Logo is a bright orange sunburst with "National Drug & alcohol Facts Week" in red and green in the shatter. The tagline is "Shatter the Myths."

At Compass Mark, our goal is to make sure Lancaster and Lebanon County residents understand addiction and its impact on our community, and to share our best resources for prevention. Every January, our mission is further reinforced by a national call to action — National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week. This week is about knowing…

Twenty-year-old Kiley Atkins was charged with underage drinking when an arresting officer made a decision that changed her life: He ordered her to attend Compass Mark’s Student Skills for Life program. According to Kiley, the program put her life into perspective. Often times, a positive influence proves to be a better course of discipline than…

Opioid abuse has garnered plenty of attention lately—with good reason. However, it’s also important for the Lancaster and Lebanon communities to stay aware of the risks associated with other drugs, including cocaine.

Substance abuse prevention is about so much more than simply telling kids not to use alcohol or other drugs. Effective prevention starts with identifying what children and youth in the community need, and then meeting that need with research-backed strategies. Risk & Protective Factors: The Foundation for Effective Prevention Risk factors are those things that…

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