Helping Hands

School year 2020-2021 was extraordinarily challenging for schools, educators, parents, and students. Youth were separated from friends, extracurricular activities, and classrooms.  Additionally, students were distanced from essential school staff members who are sources of support, compassion, and encouragement. During this time, students have reported increased levels of stress and anxiety, interruptions in sleep and eating patterns, and mental health challenges.

Student Assistance Programs (SAP) are a crucial resource for school staff in addressing these challenges faced by our youth.

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is designed to assist school personnel in identifying substance misuse and mental health issues which pose a barrier to a student’s success. Once barriers are addressed, a plan is implemented to support the student’s ability to overcome those hurdles. Our certified team trains SAP teams, including teachers, administrators, guidance personnel, and SAP assessors.

Compass Mark is providing virtual SAP team trainings to prepare school staff to actively participate in the Student Assistance process.

Upcoming 2021 trainings:

  • September 24th, 27th & 29th
  • October 14th, 18th & 21st
  • October 22nd, 25th & 29th
  • November 4th, 5th & 10th
  • November 12th 15th & 18th

An additional course, “SAP: Coming Back from COVID,” will be held on October 7th. Register for all SAP trainings on our Local Events page. There is no cost to attend the training for Lancaster, Lebanon, and Chester County residents.

If you have any questions about the trainings or need any assistance with registration, please do not hesitate to contact Deb McCoy, SAP Coordinator.

We look forward to working together to address the needs of our students!