Students Love Learning through Lions Quest

Thank you so much for coming into my class and teaching us about good and bad choices.  My favorite lesson was about how to choose friends.

You were fun! Thank you for teaching me the reasons of why I should not smoke, do drugs or under age drink.

The above quotes capture what students love best about Lions Quest, a program for children in grades K-6 that teaches important life skills in a fun, age-appropriate way.

Last year, 1,191 students in Lancaster County and 1,171 students in Lebanon County completed Lions Quest. Through a variety of engaging activities led by Compass Mark’s skilled facilitators, students learned important lessons about safety, nutrition, bullying and much more.

Lions Quest consists of up to 40 sessions delivered throughout the school year, each lasting 30 – 45 minutes each. The evidence-based curriculum can be offered in either a small group or classroom setting.  Among the 3rd graders receiving the program last year, 75% demonstrated an increase in Social and Personal Development and 81% showed an increase in their knowledge and attitudes about the dangers of drug and alcohol use.

Risk Factors Addressed:

  • lack of commitment to family, schools, peers and community
  • difficulty relating to and interacting with peers
  • conflict
  • pressure by peers to initiate risky behaviors
  • difficulty recognizing and managing emotions

Skills Built:

  • communication
  • responsible decision-making
  • positive coping strategies
  • development of positive relationships
  • empathy for others
  • service learning capabilities

Ask yourself, are the children in your life able to answer these questions with confidence?

  • The behavior of others can have an effect on our emotions:  Agree or Disagree
  • If a student was bullied, I would tell a teacher:  Never, Sometimes, Most of the time
  • Drug use can affect the brain and other parts of the body:  Agree or Disagree

After Lions Quest, they certainly can! Community donations help us to offer this and other life-changing programs to youth in our region. Click here to show your support.