Our community is facing a public health crisis unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Addiction affects every segment of our population: young and old, rich and poor, city dwellers and rural residents. Support of Compass Mark helps us reach those most at risk for addiction and provide them with the skills and resources necessary for a healthy and successful life.

We firmly believe that the only long-term solution to addiction is effective prevention. For every dollar invested in prevention, more than $15 is saved in other costs to our society, through treatment programs, incarceration, and loss of work productivity.

Your donation could help vulnerable at-risk youth by providing them with the prevention education programs they desperately need:

  • A $250 donation gives a child a meaningful week at Future Generations, our after-school youth leadership, mentoring, and academic enrichment program.
  • A $100 gift provides an educational experience for at-risk youth through Student Skills for Life, a program that helps young people make informed decisions about drugs.
  • A $50 contribution ensures that a helpful, reassuring voice is available each day in our Drug & Alcohol Information Center, a service offering confidential referrals and resources for those in need.

Click here to make a gift to change—and perhaps even save—a life.