Teen and younger child mix things in bowls at a table- maybe they are making a meal?

Prevention of substance use and gambling disorders is NOT simply about telling kids not to do these things. Effective prevention starts with identifying what children and youth in the community need, and then meeting that need with research-backed strategies. Risk & Protective Factors: The Foundation for Effective Prevention Risk factors are those things that increase…

The Positive Change Conference is Lancaster County’s community conference on addiction, serving helping professionals, college students, and anyone interested in addiction prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery. Although it’s been an annual event in one form or another since 1991, Compass Mark ran the event from 2012 to 2018, when we began a partnership with Millersville…

A photo of a community board in downtown Lancaster, PA asks everyone in English & Spanish, "what are changes you want to see in our community?" there are many replies, too small to read

As an organization dedicated to the prevention of addiction, Compass Mark is acutely aware of the impacts of trauma, violence, and inequity in our community. We grieve the disproportionate loss of life and freedoms experienced by people of color, and recognize that our vision of a healthy community for all cannot be realized when systemic…

We see a young woman from behind in a home office. She's wearing casual clothes and her hair is in a messy pony tail.

During this coronavirus pandemic, we are all using public health language that that is new to us. Recommendations to physically distance, avoiding touching the face, and wear masks in public are all intended to “flatten the curve” of the pandemic so that hospitals can handle the number of patients seeking care, and are not overwhelmed….

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