Against a slightly blurry background of green forest, a female figure in warm coat and hat holds a red leaf up in fron of their face.

The American Lung Association (ALA) is looking for our help to spread awareness about the #1 cause of cancer death in the U.S. This year’s campaign, 30 Days 30 Heroes, supports those impacted by lung cancer, and seeks to highlight the need for healthy air and regular screenings. Lung cancer may go undiagnosed for long…

We see 2 feet in white sneakers, one on either side of a yellow dotted line on a roadway.

Listening tours, hemp cafes, and cannabis-infused food, drink and pet supplements. With the buzz brought on by commercialization, conversation these days often turns to marijuana, and it’s making an impact that even local kids notice. “In the schools where we work, counselors are noticing that students are talking frequently and casually about marijuana,” says Compass…

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