Ashley Denlinger is eager to join the Compass Mark team through fulfilling the role of Prevention Specialist. She will specifically be helping to facilitate the Leaders of Future Generations program, as well as other school-based programs. Ashley has grown up in Lancaster County and is grateful for the opportunity to serve the same community today. After graduating high school and participating in a four-semester study and service program in Central America, she attended Lancaster Bible College, where she earned her Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree.  

Requirements for obtaining this degree introduced Ashley to Compass Mark by way of part-time internship. The internship experience was valuable in providing her with practical experiences and developing several professional ambitions. It is exciting for her to continue working toward Compass Mark’s mission and values, together with the rest of the staff team. 

Ashley is passionate about building relationshipsas she believes that the foundational trust needed for a thriving community is what propels transformation and restoration in peoples’ lives. Ashley is eager to expand her professional training and experiences through her position with Compass Mark. From her perspective, the endless opportunities that come with working alongside students in these evidence-based programs is motivation to approach every moment with sincerity and purpose.