• 1-Day Event
    August 14, 2018
    8:00 am - 4:00 pm

This Symposium is Intended for:

School Teachers, Administration, Guidance Staff, All services working with children (CYS, Early Intervention) Foster Parents and Organizations, Grandparents and Family Members Caring for Children/Adolescents affected by addiction.


The current drug epidemic has created a vast impact on our society as a whole. Gaudenzia is passionate about helping families to heal, but we need your help. This symposium is designed to reach out to anyone who works with or cares for children. We will provide tools to help children that have been affected by addiction so together we can have a larger positive impact on such a devastating situation.


  • Answer the questions “What is addiction?”, “Why is pregnancy not enough motivation to stop using drugs?”
  • What is it like to see your parent(s) using drugs? Step into the shoes of a child watching their parent(s) use or under the influence.
  • Roles of the family. Why are you seeing different behaviors in a child?Prenatal and Postnatal effects of Drugs and Alcohol Use.
  • What do I do? Hear from professionals who work daily with children born into addiction. They will share experiences, but most importantly, solutions and activities to implement in your interactions with children and adolescents.
  • Best Practices in Prevention. What works and what does not work in the science of Prevention for both high risk and lesser risk children and adolescents.
  • Building Bridges between Families and Resources. What resources are available and how to gain access to them.

For questions, please contact Matt Null at mnull@gaudenzia.org.

Register here.


800 E Park Drive, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 17111, United States

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