Scared straight programs. Whether you’ve seen mocked-up drunken driving crash scenes with bloodied teens playing “dead” or watched drug danger school assemblies, you may be familiar with these programs designed to frighten kids into good behavior. But do scare tactics work for preventing substance abuse and other risky behaviors?

Alcohol, Tobacco, Other Drug and Gambling (ATODG) Prevention; this is what we do at Compass Mark. Sounds easy, right? Just stop something from happening….we all know how to do that. Or do we? The truth is, if ATODG prevention was easy, we wouldn’t have ATODG epidemics. Prevention is counterintuitive to the way we think. You…

We’re waving wild Muppet arms here at Compass Mark because Lancaster County’s Extraordinary Give is just days away. Why are we so excited? Every dollar donated to area organizations on Friday, November 20th

Almost 20% of Americans take some sort of drug daily to relax, according to a recent Gallup Survey. In Pennsylvania, about 22% reported taking a drug each day to affect mood or boost relaxation. The states with the highest levels of daily use were West Virginia (28%), Rhode Island (26%), and Kentucky (25%).

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