• 1-Day Event
    September 7, 2019
    12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

It is our hope to provide education & access to substance abuse and mental health treatment options within Lebanon County and throughout the surrounding counties and states. By providing an environment with education on substance use disorders and mental illnesses, we can provide an outlet to show those within the County of Lebanon that treatment works, and recovery is possible!

Close up of person in black holding an infant

Compass Mark’s Family Services Advocate program has been available in Lancaster County for the past four years and beginning in March, it is now available to serve children and caregivers in Lebanon County. The Family Services Advocate program identifies, supports, and advocates for the unique needs and rights of children whose parents are incarcerated, and…

Childhood trauma can stem from many sources within our homes and in the community, and children can experience it in many forms, including physical or sexual abuse; neglect within the family; or scary events in the community such as school shootings, natural disasters or violence. When a child’s developing brain is under constant stress, the…

Compass Mark is excited to be joining with Lebanon School District and our community partners to provide a Resource Center for evacuees from Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Maria.  The Resource Center is available to anyone who has been evacuated and has a child enrolled in Lebanon School District. Center hours will be Wednesdays from…

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