Addiction Recovery Systems of Lancaster (ARS)

2192 Embassy Drive
Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 394-7160

Evaluations for adults. Methadone maintenance, Suboxone maintenance, Vivitrol maintenance, long-term methadone or Suboxone detoxification, and outpatient counseling services for adults.

Blueprints for Addiction Recovery

222 South Market St.
Elizabethtown, PA 17022
(717) 361-1660

Outpatient substance abuse services for adults: evaluations, individual and group counseling, intensive outpatient, partial hospital program, family program.

Elsie Shenk Oupatient Center

211 E. Mifflin Street (Rear Entrance)
Lancaster, PA 17602
(717) 286-9088

Outpatient substance abuse services to women, pregnant and parenting women and their children.Evaluations; intensive outpatient; individual and group counseling; relapse prevention; education; prevention services; psychiatric, psychological, and vocational referrals. Suboxone treatment. Address problem gambling.

Gate House Behavioral Health Services

817 North Cherry St.
Lancaster, PA 176
(717) 393-3215

*Some services available in Lititz and Mountville.

Outpatient substance abuse services for men and women; individual, family and group counseling and assessments; intensive outpatient program. Address problem gambling.

Gearty & Skiles Counseling

321 North Market St.
Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 394-5334

107 East Locust St.
Ephrata, PA 17522
(717) 733-8898

Outpatient substance abuse services: evaluations, individual and group counseling, intensive outpatient; partial hospital program, Suboxone, Vivitrol, DUI diversion program.

Lancaster Clinical Counseling Associates

131 East Orange Street, 2nd Floor
Lancaster, PA 17602
(717) 299-0131

Drug & alcohol evaluations, consultations, and referrals for both public and private sectors for individuals, groups, families, couples, women, sexual abuse, deaf and mentally retarded. Bilingual.

Naaman Center

4600 East Harrisburg Pike
Elizabethtown, PA 17022

835 Houston Run Dr, Suite 230
Gap, PA 17527

39 West Vine Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

248-A Maple Avenue
Quarryville, PA 17566

(717) 367-9115 or (888) 243-4316

Christian-oriented, 12-step approach. Intensive outpatient programs for alcohol and drug addictions, family programs, alcohol and drug evaluations, interventions, outpatient and individual counseling. Vivitrol and Suboxone programs. State funding for problem gambling treatment.

Nuestra Clinica- SACA Drug & Alcohol Program

545 Pershing Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17602
(717) 293-4150

Triple diagnosis clinic: drug & alcohol, mental health and HIV services; Spanish bicultural/bilingual; individual, family and group therapy, dual diagnosis, evaluations, consultations and referrals, HIV testing, support groups. Women’s groups, adolescents, mental health evaluations, treatment therapy outreach service, community services. Suboxone program.

Pennsylvania Counseling Services

40 Pearl Street
Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 397-8081

Bilingual/Bicultural, drug & alcohol and mental health, sex offenders, evaluations, groups, teen recovery group, individual and family counseling. Address problem gambling.

T.W. Ponessa & Associates Counseling Services, Inc.

410 North Prince Street
Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 560-7917 (800) 437-5405 for intake

Outpatient counseling for families, couples, individuals, and adolescents. Intensive outpatient and co-occurring intensive outpatient (addiction & mental illness) programs. Certified recovery specialist for those addicted to opioids- free service. DUI and drug and alcohol evaluations, Act 122 (DUI) groups, family intervention, consultations and referrals. Vivitrol program. Address problem gambling.

The list of inpatient therapy providers is provided to Compass Mark by the Lancaster County Drug & Alcohol Commission (the Commission). Compass Mark and the Commission do not specifically endorse the providers on this website, but are merely making a comprehensive list available to the general public. The providers on this website have been approved and licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, as of January 1, 2017.