A black and white drawing with bookmarks to color and the headline "Compass Mark's Activity Book"

The Advocacy Team at Compass Mark created a packet containing three lessons with corresponding worksheets for students and families to enjoy at home. The lessons taught on personal strengths, time management, and goal setting. Even the cover page offered a chance to color and cut out your own bookmark! The packets were printed and dispersed (in both English and Spanish) for the School District of Lancaster as well as Elizabethtown School District, totaling eight different lunch dispersing sites. In addition, the packets were dispersed in Lebanon county for the School District of Palmyra and the School District of ELCO.

The team wanted to reach kids at home and off the screen by providing fun, short lessons they could work on at their own pace. By including a short A black and white drawing with bookmarks to color and the headline "Compass Mark's Activity Book"message to the families, corresponding with each lesson, we sought to reach the families and include them in the learning as well. Our helpline, website, and address were provided for families in case they need any additional resources or services we can offer. With this project, we were able to reach a multitude of kids we who may not regularly receive our services.

In total we dispersed approximately 2,000 packets in Lancaster and 425 in Lebanon – additionally, some were sent electronically.

The Advocacy Team containing Xavi Garcia-Molina, Lauren Krebs, Katie Walsh, Michelle Sweitzer, Denni Boger, and Bevan Allen, helped formulate the idea, create the packets, and print/organize the packets. Casey Horning also helped create one of the worksheets.

Staff members also lent a hand to assist! Vanessa Mendez, Christine Weidner, Lindsey Ober, Liz Sanchez-Stanley, Regina Koppenhaver, and Vicki Legath helped disperse the packets in Lancaster. Michelle Sweitzer dispersed the packets in Lebanon.