Welcome to Compass Mark’s new official blog called “Hitting the Mark.” 

We at Compass Mark thought a blog was an important addition to provide up-to the minute news to and strengthen our relationships with our supporters and anyone interested in addiction, intervention and prevention of all forms of addiction and substance abuse. Compass Mark aims to guide individuals and families to make positive decisions in their lives; i.e. we want to help individuals “hit” their “mark” in life, hence the name “Hitting the Mark.”

We hope this blog will serve as a way to show you how that is accomplished through what we offer. Through this blog, we are hoping to provide you with an inside look into our organization so you feel connected to us, what we are doing to strengthen the community, and current issues that are facing the community.

Although we do give supporters glimpses into what is going on at Compass Mark through our social media platforms, including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, this blog will allow us to give you more detailed information and reflections on what is going on, as well as facilitate conversations about current issues and happenings. Over time, readers can expect the following from our blog: Shining Star Stories, reflections on programs from staff, volunteers, and participants, highlights on special events that Compass Mark is hosting or involved in, and stories about featured volunteers, employees, and supporters. The blog will be centered on seasonal themes, with our first theme being “Taking Healthy Risks.” If interested in being a guest blogger or you just want to tell us what you think, please contact Tara Loew at tloew@compassmark.org.