Scared straight programs. Whether you’ve seen mocked-up drunken driving crash scenes with bloodied teens playing “dead” or watched drug danger school assemblies, you may be familiar with these programs designed to frighten kids into good behavior. But do scare tactics work for preventing substance abuse and other risky behaviors?

There’s 104 days in summer vacation / and school comes along just to end it. / So the annual problem for our generation / is finding a good way to spend it. As the popular kids’ series Phineas and Ferb –with its iconic theme song–comes to a close, many parents and concerned caregivers are faced…

More than a few adults have complained about the potential impact of video games since Pong first bounced into living rooms in the 1970s. Now one study suggests that teen video gamers who play frequently show brain changes similar to those found in compulsive gamblers.

Hosting your in-laws for a long weekend…trudging through the mall crowd…hunting endlessly for that “perfect” gift. The holiday hustle can wear anyone down. While stress is a normal part of life, especially during the season of joy and cheer, some people will try to relax by engaging in risky behaviors, such as drinking alcohol or…

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