Student Skills for Life is a group educational experience which serves as:

  • intervention for youth experimenting with alcohol or other drugs;
  • prevention for any adolescent or college-age population.

The program provides experiential life skills training, and may include parenting classes and referrals to drug & alcohol assessments when appropriate.

Problem Areas Addressed:

  • substance use and abuse
  • other risky behaviors
  • poor coping skills

Skills Built

  • abstinence or reduced substance use
  • communication and decision making
  • resiliency and goal setting

Age: Ages 13 to 25; an Under 17 group and an 18-to 25-year-old group

Setting: Small-group lessons during the school day or after school


Intervention: 12 hours of evening classes; three or four hours each
Prevention in schools: A series of twelve 1-hour sessions

Effectiveness: Documented evidence of:

  • fewer arrests due to underage drinking and driving under the influence
  • stopped or reduced substance use
  • increased knowledge of substance use, abuse and addiction
  • improved decision-making skills

For more information on this program please contact Michelle Sweitzer in Lebanon County or Matt Weaver in Lancaster County at (717) 299-2831.

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