Compass Mark’s mission is to prevent addiction through education, skill-building and community mobilization.


To guide and empower all people toward healthy, fulfilling lives free from addiction.


To complement and support our mission and vision, we emphasize a set of core values that govern how we work together and alongside our community.

Forward Thinking Innovators:  Asking the unasked question, seeking new ideas and posing bold approaches at the key points of leverage to drive change.

Reliable Partners:  Seeking new value-added partnerships… inside and outside Compass Mark… and reliably delivering on our commitments to each other with forthright honesty and transparency.

Truthful Guides:  Leading with integrity, checking our facts, speaking with sincerity and candor.

Friends and Optimists:  Lightening the load with laugher, and knowing that barriers exist only to keep life interesting.

Real People:  Never moving so fast that we leave behind those we serve; making honest mistakes but fixing them with humility and compassion.