Compass Mark’s purpose is to reduce the incidence, prevalence, and consequences of the harmful use of, and addiction to, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.


To meet individuals and organizations where they are, in order to equip and guide them along the path to healthy, fulfilling lives free from substance abuse.


To complement and support our mission and vision, we emphasize a set of core values that govern how we work together and alongside our community.

Forward Thinking Innovators:  Asking the unasked question, seeking new ideas and posing bold approaches at the key points of leverage to drive change.

Reliable Partners:  Seeking new value-added partnerships… inside and outside Compass Mark… and reliably delivering on our commitments to each other with forthright honesty and transparency.

Truthful Guides:  Leading with integrity, checking our facts, speaking with sincerity and candor.

Friends and Optimists:  Lightening the load with laugher, and knowing that barriers exist only to keep life interesting.

Real People:  Never moving so fast that we leave behind those we serve; making honest mistakes but fixing them with humility and compassion.