Compass Mark’s mission is to prevent addiction through education, skill-building and community mobilization.


To guide and empower all people toward healthy, fulfilling lives free from addiction.


To complement and support our mission and vision, we emphasize a set of core values that govern how we work together and alongside our community.

Purposeful: We value asking thoughtful questions, embracing the courage to change, and pursuing innovation grounded in research and best practice.

Compassionate: We value sharing with each other’s vulnerability, always seeking to guide through making individual connections.

Persistent: We value staying the course with resolute determination, taking time to celebrate achievements along the way, and pursuing collaboration for long-term impact.

Inclusive: We value creating welcoming, judgement-free environments that engage our individual differences as strengths.

Resilient: We value the inherent potential that exists in every person and community, recognizing that the past does not determine our future.