Obama Asks for $1.1 Billion for Heroin, Painkiller Abuse Programs

The Obama administration is seeking an additional $1.1 billion from Congress to fight heroin and prescription painkiller abuse, according to The New York Times. Nearly 50% of the new funds would go toward expanding treatment availability. The remaining money would support:

  • Prescription drug overdose prevention programs;
  • Access to naloxone (Narcan), a drug that can reverse heroin overdoses;
  • Programs that crack down on illegal prescription drug sales.

The request for increased funding follows other recent initiatives by the administration to address prescription painkiller and heroin abuse. For example, an October 2015 presidential memorandum requires federal doctors to receive additional prescription opioid training. The NYT article also notes that opioid abuse is one of the few public health epidemics that has worsened in recent years; these drugs now kill more people than vehicle crashes. In Lancaster—and across the state—the abuse of heroin and prescription painkillers has recently sparked plenty of necessary conversations.  Pennsylvania announced earlier this year that it would offer a free limited supply of the overdose “antidote” Narcan to all public schools. It’s believed the drug will help save students, particularly those in rural areas in which it takes time for first responders to reach overdosing patients. Lancaster County police officers already carry doses of the drug. In addition, Pennsylvania recently announced the launch of a prescription drug monitoring program intended to combat abuse and help prevent “doctor shopping.”

Prescription Painkiller & Heroin Prevention/Intervention Resources in Lancaster, PA

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