Compass Mark took part in raising awareness for National Prevention Week last week. National Prevention Week is a week dedicated to increasing support for the prevention of mental health and substance use disorders. Compass Mark shared several of SAMHSA’s videos of individuals completing the 2018 Prevention Challenge: Dear Future Me. This challenged individuals to submit letters to your future self via social media about choices you’re making now to live a healthy, happy life. To see these videos, check out Compass Mark’s Facebook page.

Each day of National Prevention Week raised awareness for a different mental and/or substance use disorder. Monday promoted mental health and wellness, for which Compass Mark shared the resources provided by Mental Health America of Lancaster County.

Tuesday promoted the prevention of underage drinking and alcohol misuse. The percentage of 10th graders in Lancaster County who have abused alcohol at least once has fallen from 68% in 2003 to 48% in 2015. “This shows the work being done can clearly can have an affect, but we need to keep offering quality prevention!” read Compass Mark’s Facebook post.

Wednesday promoted the prevention of prescription and opioid drug misuse. Find Rx drug disposal sites, the Narcan standing order, and more on this topic on Campus Mark’s  Research & Fact Sheets page.

Thursday brought attention to the prevention of illicit drug use and youth marijuana. More information and resources related to marijuana use are shared by SAM, an alliance dedicated to a health-first approach to marijuana policy.

Friday raised awareness around the prevention of suicide. Compass Mark highlighted how people with gambling disorders attempt suicide at higher rates than the general public. More information and resources about gambling disorders can be found on Compass Mark’s SafeStakes site.

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