National Prevention Week 2016: Addiction, Mental Health Resources, Lancaster, PA

National Prevention Week is May 15-21, 2016. It’s a time to call the Lancaster community together to boost public awareness about mental health and substance abuse issues as well as spread the message that addiction prevention is possible. Substance abuse & mental health are community concerns. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) estimates 18% of Americans (43.6 million people) experienced a mental health condition in 2014. Another 8.5% (20.2 million) struggled with a substance abuse disorder. Among those Americans, nearly 8 million had both a mental health and substance abuse disorder. While those numbers represent the individuals struggling with these conditions, they don’t represent the millions more who are impacted. As parents, children, siblings, friends, or coworkers, each of us likely knows at least one person coping with substance abuse and/or mental health conditions. However, there is hope—and help! Whether you’re dealing with one of these disorders yourself or you’re affected by a loved one’s condition, these resources can start you on the path to well-being: Mental Health Resources Mental Health America of Lancaster County Stop Suicide Lancaster County Lancaster County Behavioral Health & Developmental Services Addiction Prevention, Treatment, & Recovery Resources Lancaster County Recovery Alliance (LCRA): Empowering recovery & overcoming addiction’s stigma in Lancaster, PA Sober Bars: Fun, alcohol-free entertainment in Lancaster, PA Compass Mark: For 50 years, we’ve guided individuals, families, educators, and health care professionals to resources that help overcome the abuse of alcohol and other drugs. From life skills youth programs to addiction prevention training, our team offers a range of tools to build a stronger, healthier community. Call us at (717) 299-2831.