Lancaster Celebrates Addiction Recovery Day- Recap

The Lancaster, PA community gathered to celebrate addiction recovery during the annual Recovery Walk and Rally at Clipper Magazine Stadium on August 28, 2016. The event featured main speaker Tim Stoddard, founder of SoberNation,  a nationwide resource center and online community for those in recovery. Other attendees shared their stories of addiction and recovery as well. Recovery Day also included a picnic, music, yoga, and other activities. The Lancaster County Recovery Alliance (LCRA), who organized the event, used the day to raise awareness about recovery and help reduce the stigma that labels addicted people with tags like “junkie,” “loser,” or “criminal.” Stigma not only prevents people from seeking treatment, it also prevents them and their loved ones from finding–and feeling–the community support that’s so critical to maintain lasting recovery. Learn more about the dangers of stigma in Proposed PA House Bills Would Stigmatize Addiction. This is the first year Lancaster resident Stephanie Lower, a senior analyst working in the banking industry,  participated in Recovery Day events. She writes:

I had a near-fatal car accident 4/10/2015 as a result of a DUI.  That was the date of my last drink.  The next few months and the legalities, including 12 days in jail, were the worst days of my life.  I am a very accomplished person, but having gone from wishing I was dead after my accident to where I am today is what I consider my biggest accomplishment.  I have been blessed in so many ways and feel compelled to share my story figuring if it changes or saves just one life it is a story worth sharing.

Stephanie’s story is not unique. Whether you feel the weight of an addiction right now or you’ve started the recovery journey or maybe you love someone who’s struggling, the Lancaster community offers resources to support you. Check out the Compass Mark Resource Library for recovery help.  For more information about treatment or recovery, or to receive confidential guidance, contact the Compass Mark team.   Photo courtesy of JQ Photo