Kids Kamp 2018 group shot

On June 17th, 22 Kids Kamp campers arrived in Chester County for a memorable and life-changing week of learning and fun, all organized by Compass Mark. The campers, who are often facing a variety of challenging situations, were joined by seven staff counselors and seven high school students serving as mentors.

Campers are often nervous when they arrive; but once the activities are underway, the magic of Kids Kamp begins. Kids Kamp is designed to be a transformative experience for each and every participant. Campers develop a sense of family and build lasting friendships while learning to take healthy risks, challenge themselves, participate in healthy competition and learn about taking care of their bodies and minds.

This year, campers participated in a variety of games, crafts, team-building activities and traditional camping experiences such as making campfires and cooking mountain pies. Campers enjoyed fitness activities designed to foster a healthy mind and body, including dance, yoga, nature exploration and Frisbee. They were also given the chance to improve their swimming skills at the pool and to canoe on French Creek. Horseback riding at Sheeder Mill Farm was a favorite activity.

When not participating in fitness activities, campers expressed their creativity and bonded over creating a team flag, making crafts, conducting movement theater and “junkyard” drumming.

A group of campers also left their comfort zones to hike to a different campsite where they slept in tents.

Kids Kamp ended with a dance performance, camp awards and group photos. Campers were greeted with a homecoming picnic with their families when they arrived back in Lancaster for pick-up.

At Kids Kamp, it’s a privilege for Compass Mark staff to provide a week for campers that is free of worries or stress, where everyone challenges themselves, everyone learns and – most importantly – where everyone becomes part of a family.

Compass Mark is looking forward to sharing the magic of Kids Kamp with youth in the community next year.