Donna’s healthy risk in her own words: “This year is beginning my Master of Divinity degree at Lancaster Theological Seminary. This is the start of a new career for me, hopefully as a chaplain in a retirement community.

Why is this a risk for me? I will be changing my career path after working at Compass Mark for 15 years, a job I love and am comfortable doing.

I know how to do my job, although there are always new things to learn, and I enjoy working with my colleagues. Starting a new career is going to involve learning new things, thinking about people in a different way, and getting used to new procedures. It will also mean seeking employment in my new field, which may mean a change in salary, a risk that will involve not just myself but my family. I am usually not a risk taker. I like a comfortable life, filled with familiar things. But I decided that God was calling me to this new career and I needed to take the risk in order to continue growing and challenging myself. I’m scared and anxious, but also filled with excitement for the possibilities that lie a head.” Donna is a shining example of taking a healthy risk. Donna talks about her fears and anxieties and even goes as far as acknowledging that she is not a “risk taker” and that this is a pretty big step for her. We are so happy for Donna and applaud her for taking this healthy risk and looking at it with excitement and poise.