A woman with dark hair and shirt stands in front of a projection monitor, obviously speaking to an audience.
Community Prevention Mobilizer, Christine Glover

Compass Mark’s Community Prevention Mobilizer, Chris Glover, coaches grassroots groups in the use of tested and effective programs, policies, and procedures. The mobilizer helps to build skills and equip the group leaders to build more efficient, effective, and sustainable organizations..

Each year, Compass Mark’s Community Prevention Mobilizer hosts a breakfast for grassroots leaders. This annual gathering is intended to build skills and foster relationships. This year’s breakfast was held in early June and focused on public health prevention.

Twenty grassroots groups were represented at this year’s breakfast. Each group Glover supports has a different focus or niche, but they’re all working towards building healthier and more resilient communities. While they may differ in some respects, they are tied with the common bond of public health prevention. Breakfast conversation assisted grassroots leaders find shared language and common ground.

Glover led the conversation focusing on the importance of preventing health and behavior problems BEFORE they begin. This can only happen by building-in protective factors in individuals, families, and communities. The factors that influence an individual’s risk of developing a health issue – with special focus on addiction were also discussed. The group also examined the science of prevention and identified tested and effective strategies for increasing  prevention activities in our communities. The breakfast provided ample opportunities for attendees to build relationships and connect with other leaders to share information. who had been connected to each other by Glover via email to see each other face to face and build upon those budding relationships. During breaks and after breakfast, many folks exchanged information and made plans to connect with each other. Since the breakfast, Glover has gotten a lot of helpful feedback – including ideas for future training topics and the desire for all the leaders to get together more frequently.

Glover’s work over the next year will include identifying more opportunities for leaders to get together.

If you’re interested in learning more about Compass Mark’s Community Prevention Mobilizer, please contact Chris Glover and visit the Mobilizer web-page.