CATCH My Breath is an evidence-based program that provides youth with the skills to resist peer pressure and media influences to try e-cigarettes and vaping.

Problem Areas Addressed:

  • Misconceptions held by youth that most teens use e-cigarettes
  • Peer pressure and advertising pressure to use e-cigarettes
  • Impact of advertising designed to undermine credible health information
  • Favorable attitudes and beliefs about e-cigarettes

Skills Built:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Social awareness
  • Relationship skills
  • Responsible decision making

Age/Grade: Three separate, stand-alone tracks for 5th & 6th / 7th & 8th / 9th thru 12th 

Setting: Small-group, pull-out program during the school day; full classroom lessons; or after school: small or large group lessons

Format: Series of 4 lessons taught once per week for 35-40 minutes


  • Recognized as a ‘Select’ program by CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning)
  • Met the CDC National Academic Standard for Health Education
  • Curriculum was informed by new scientific literature on rising use of e-cigarettes in the United States, as well as the emerging science regarding the harmful consequences of e-cigarette use by preteens and teens

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