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Family and friends may acknowledge that addiction is an illness and yet try to communicate their concerns in ways that don’t end up helping the person who is drinking, using drugs, or gambling. Addiction changes the way the brain works—in particular, partially disabling the part of the brain responsible for making good decisions. So having long discussions and trying to convince their loved one to get help for their illness rarely works. What to do instead?

People with addiction disorders need three main things from their loved ones:

Identifying the types of resources that are available to both loved ones and those struggling with addiction or a substance use disorder is important. Compass Mark’s Information & Referral is a free and confidential service offering thoughtful, individualized attention. Our team matches people with addiction disorders and their loved ones with many types of treatment and recovery support, including free or low-cost options.

Reach out Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM to begin your process in search of better health. Below is a list of additional resources available to those needing support with addiction or mental health challenges.

Additional Resources

Addiction Help

Mental Health Help

About Alcohol, Other Drugs & Gambling

About the Author

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Amy Sechrist, CPS earned a BA in fine art from Bard College, Annandale, NY, and began her career in the social services as a trained volunteer for Contact Lancaster Helpline. Their excellent instruction prepared her to be hired as an information & referral specialist for Compass Mark in 2003. Amy became board-certified in addiction prevention in 2008, a process that holds professionals accountable to research-based methods of improving public health.

She is currently the communications coordinator for Compass Mark and is still a member of the information & referral team. She is passionate about helping individuals and their loved ones navigate treatment and recovery systems as well as creating addiction prevention messaging that resonates with the public.

This post was originally published by WGAL TV 8 on and sponsored by Donegal Insurance Group as part of the Mental Health Moment campaign. We thank WGAL TV 8 and Donegal Insurance Group for their support of prevention and mental wellbeing in our region.