INDEPTH (Intervention for Nicotine Dependence: Education, Prevention, Tobacco and Health) is an alternative to suspension or citation that helps schools and communities address the teen vaping problem in a supportive way. Instead of solely focusing on punitive measures, INDEPTH is an interactive program that teaches students about nicotine dependence, establishing healthy alternatives and how to kick the unhealthy addiction that got them in trouble in the first place.

Risk Factors Addressed:

  • vaping
  • use of nicotine or tobacco products

Skills Built:

  • knowledge of harmful effects of nicotine
  • strategies to quit nicotine/tobacco when ready
  • ability to cope with cravings
  • envisioning a healthy future

Age/Grade Level: Grades 5 thru 12

Setting: Small group of 5 to 10 students; or one-on-one; during the school day

Format: Four (4), 50-minute sessions

Effectiveness: 60% of student participants reported that they were willing to quit using nicotine products, including vaping, after completing the program.