Kids Benefit When You Give Extra to Prevent Addiction!

Once again, the Lancaster Community will come together to support the Extraordinary Give. Every dollar donated during the Friday, November 18th event will be stretched by funds from the Lancaster County Community Foundation and other sponsors. You have many organizations to choose from when it’s time to donate during Extra Give. We’re asking you to invest in our community’s children and teens.

44% of Lancaster County youth in grades 6, 8, 10 and 12 admit that they don’t perceive substance use or gambling as risky.

Compass Mark, which has been part of your community for 50 years, will put your Extra Give contribution to work to change that statistic! Our team uses evidence-based programs to teach life skills Lancaster County children and teens can immediately use to lower their risk for addiction and related problems, including homelessness, abuse, and incarceration. Make your Extra Give donation to Compass Mark on Friday, November 18th. For more information about how Compass Mark is leading our community’s efforts to prevent addiction, visit our addiction prevention blog or Facebook page. Thank you for your support!