• Morning Webinar
    December 10, 2020
    9:00 am - 11:00 am

This DDAP-sponsored training by Lakeside Global Institute recognizes that each person is unique and handles stress differently, and is based on trauma-informed principles. The presenter will introduce the Adverse Childhood Experiences study, define trauma-related terms, and discuss vicarious trauma and stress. Attendees will:

  • Identify and distinguish between the various ways trauma impacts professionals
  • Recognize signs and symptoms of secondary traumatic stress for individuals and organizations
  • Distinguish the difference between compassion fatigue and empathy fatigue
  • Discover risk and protective factors related to secondary and vicarious trauma
  • Develop a self-care plan

Platform: Zoom
2 PCB and 2 Social Work
$10- PAY HERE (separate from registration)

  • Log on to DDAP’s Training Management System
  • Choose Course Search
  • Choose Course Title
  • Select Course Type from List: Onsite
  • Select Course Title to Search by: Compassion Fatigue (Virtual)
Please Read DDAP’s requirements for virtual trainings via Zoom:
  • You may NOT participate with a cell phone or tablet. You must use a desktop computer or laptop.
  • You must have a working camera and microphone.
  • You must respond to 100% of Zoom Poll questions.
  • You must take the Post-Test via Zoom Poll.

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