• Morning Webinar
    September 16, 2021
    9:00 am - 11:00 am

For so many with a Substance Use Disorder (SUD), the traumatic experiences of their past have been left unrecognized and often times untreated. However, treating both simultaneously is critical to recovery. Addressing only the substance use disorder can actually increase the symptoms of trauma and dealing with only the trauma can increase the desire to use. Comorbid PTSD/SUD is associated with increased chronic physical health problems, poorer social functioning, higher rates of suicide attempts, more legal problems, increased risk of violence, worse treatment adherence, and less improvement during treatment (McCauley, J. L, 2012). Although the focus of traumatic experiences is oftentimes explored within the field of substance use alone, process addictions are also a major public health concern, given their high population prevalence and their associated negative health, social, and economic consequences.


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