• 1-Day Event
    December 6, 2018
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm

This course will address ethical considerations in addiction treatment. In protecting the client, the agency and the counselor from litigation, the counselor must have knowledge and understanding of state and federal laws and regulations governing treatment of the addicted person and the HIV-positive client. The topic of court mandated clients will be addressed, as well as general concerns about counselor/client limitations and boundaries. Boundary violations will be discussed, and ethics surrounding clinicians’ personal social media choices will be touched on. Attendees will:

  • Define “ethics” vs. “values” and describe 2 basic theories of normative ethics;
  • List 3 ethical approaches;
  • Describe the costs of poor ethics;
  • Identify warning signs of impending ethical violations;
  • Describe 5 possible ethical issues surrounding social media use:
  • List 5 daily questions for ethical self-examination.

Fee $20, and is waived for employees of SCA-contracted agencies located within Lancaster County. 6 credit hours (PCB included, NASW available). Breakfast and registration at 8:30am; lunch on your own.

Registration is on DDAP’s Training Management System site. Log into your account (or create one) choose:

  • Course Search
  • Search by Course Title
  • Choose “Ethics”

Payment options- PLEASE READ: You may 1) Mail a check to Compass Mark- indicate that it is for Ethics and list the names of registrants it is covering; 2) Pay check or cash at the door. Thank you.

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