Format: DVD  |  Length: 00:32:00  |  ID #: 52  |  Posted in:
Audience: Age 14+  |  Published: 2006

Money, power, respect, popularity, and glamour all seem to come easy for the drug dealer. This program features a support group for people facing the temptation to return to dealing. The group grapples with real-life issues:

  • relationships with old friends;
  • financial stress;
  • the illusion that they can deal without using;
  • the false belief that this time they won’t get caught.

Participants share the thoughts, tools and techniques that have helped them stay out of the game, including:

  • Valuing family above the street life;
  • Learning to be patient;
  • Using a support group;
  • Having a positive focus or goal;
  • Learning to use their street skills to hustle legit;
  • Understanding the negative impact on the community;
  • Valuing earned money above illegal money.


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