Do you or a loved one need help with addiction?

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol, drugs, gambling or other behaviors, Compass Mark is here to help. A trusted, experienced guide with the answers, resources, encouragement and hope you need to find the best treatment option. These suggestions will get you started on the journey to find help for yourself or someone you care about:

Call our Information & Referral Specialists at (717) 299-2831 for thoughtful, individualized attention.

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Outpatient & Assessments

These providers offer drug & alcohol evaluations, also called assessments, as well as licensed addiction treatment in the form of individual and group counseling.

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Detox & Inpatient Treatment

Withdrawal management (detox) and inpatient rehabilitation offer 24-hour structured and intensive care.

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Find emergency contacts for Lebanon County psychiatric and addiction crises.

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Find support groups, recovery houses, recovery centers, and more.

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Find counselors who treat gambling problems as well as support groups

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