The Family Services Advocate works to identify, support, and advocate for the unique needs and rights of children with incarcerated parents. This program helps families and caregivers connect with existing community supports, and maintain healthy parent child relationships.

Problem Areas Addressed:

•   children’s basic needs
•   children in need of therapeutic supports
•   fractured parent-child relationship
•   low school connection & success
•   trauma caused by parental incarceration

Skills Built:

•   ability to access community services
•   understanding of and ability to access therapeuticservices
•   healthy family relationships
•   ability to access school supports
•   family strength and resilience

Age/Grade Level: 0 through 18 years old (children must reside in Lancaster or Lebanon County)

Setting: Community, home and prison

Format: Case management

Effectiveness: Evaluation Report- 2020/2021

For more information on this program please contact Karlee Shambaugh in Lancaster County and Michelle Sweitzer in Lebanon County.

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