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PROGRAMS: Workplace

Worried about rising health-care costs? You're not alone. After five years of double digit increases in health-care costs, most executives list this as the biggest cost concern for their companies. Wellness programs significantly reduce these costs; in fact, studies show that companies save $3- $15 for every $1 invested in a comprehensive health promotion program.

These programs reduce costs related to:

  • workers' compensation
  • short-term disability
  • absenteeism
  • decreased productivity

Prevention Works, Compass Mark 's premier workplace wellness program, is designed to enhance current health promotion activities, drug-free workplace programs or EAP benefits. We will work with you to customize a program that complements your current policies and educates employees about:

  • the dangers of substance abuse;
  • how to get help for family, friends, co-workers or yourself;
  • effectively managing stress and anger;
  • quitting smoking;
  • communicating with purpose at work.

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Not sure which programs are right for you? Let us save you time and make sure you find the best services to match the needs of your school, workplace, community or organization. Contact Carol Kuntz today at (717) 299-2831 ext. 232 for a free assessment or for more information on Prevention Works.