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RESOURCES: for Parents

Welcome to our page for parents and caregivers. Here you will find information that will help you talk to your children about alcohol and other drugs. You will also find fact sheets and links that will provide you with additional resources to help you in the most important task you will ever undertake—raising a child.

Please call our Information & Referral Team if you have specific questions concerning your child or loved one's substance use or abuse issues— (717) 299-2831, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.


Fact Sheets


Student Assistance Program (SAP)

The Student Assistance Program at your child's school consists of a team of teachers, counselors, administrators, assessors and other staff who have been trained to offer extra support to students experiencing difficulties which pose a barrier to learning and academic success.

Anyone can refer a child to the SAP team, including the student him- or herself. Call your child's guidance counselor to learn more about how Student Assistance can enhance his or her school experience. 


Essential Links for Caregivers

Adolescent Substance Abuse Knowledge Base (ASK) - A website for parents of struggling adolescents. Includes information on substance abuse prevention, adolescent substance abuse treatment, and drug identification. 

Cadence Online offeres this highly effective, interactive online course for parents of teens and young adults using drugs and alcohol.

COBYS Family Services- COBYS Family Services (Lancaster County) provides a variety of counseling and educational services from a Christian perspective, including parenting and child-care training using the 40 Developmental Assets model. 

The Partnership at DrugFree.org- Together with parents, we advocate for better and more effective treatment for teens in trouble, and with the help of volunteers, scientists, donors and sponsors, we are working to solve the problem of teen substance abuse

Empowering for Life: Empowering for Life provides unique intervention and recovery support services for persons and families that are struggling with addiction.

Engage- Join the conversation on underage drinking. Help unify prevention efforts by becoming involved in your state.

Hazelden Conversation Guides- Hazelden helps individuals, families, and communities struggling with alcohol abuse, substance abuse, and drug addiction transform their lives. These sample scripts can be used with a variety of people that you care about who are struggling w/ addiction.

Parent Further - An interactive, research-based site for parents based on the 40 Assets with tips, ideas, and strategies for raising smart, strong, responsible kids.

A Parent's Guide to the Teen Brain- This wonderful, interactive site by Partnership for a Drug-Free America helps parents differentiate normal teen behavior from potentially problematic behavior. Includes skills, tools and tips for being the parent of an adolescent.

Pennsylvania Mothers Against Drunk Driving- The Pennsylvania MADD website includes information about local chapters, legislation and advocacy, victim services, and education. 

Power of Parents- This guide to talking to children & teens about alcohol is the most researched and impactful document out there. Check it out.

Straight Talk for Parents- A plethora of guides, tips and videos about talking to kids in grades K-5 about alcohol and other drugs.

Time to Get Help-  Here you’ll find learning experiences, expert guidance and support from parents and families who understand the challenges and emotions you may be facing if you're a parent or caregiver of a teen or young adult struggling with an alcohol or drug problem.

Our Top Picks for Kids & Teens

Above the Influence- Above the Influence. It’s a state of mind. It’s about being yourself and not letting negative influence get to you. Pressure to drink, do drugs or do anything that goes against who you are in order to fit in—that’s negative influence. And if you’re one of the teens who want to stay above it, you’ve come to the right spot.

Flipswitch: The Balanced Mind Foundation- Flipswitch is dedicated to helping teens & 20s understand depression and bipolar disorder.

Just for Kids- This site by the National Association for Children of Alcoholics supports kids in getting educated, feeling safer at home and finding hope, even if their parents don't change.

KidsHealth- This site by Nemours offers portals for Kids, Teens, Parents & Educators and addresses a wide variety of health-related topics.

Mouse Party- Using fun, interactive graphics, Mouse Party is designed to provide a small glimpse into the chemical interactions at the synaptic level that cause the drug user to feel 'high'.

Teen Central- Kids Peace offers this highly interactive site focusing on a whole host of issues teens may be facing, from substance abuse and body image to military families and bullying. Teens can share their own stories