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Through education, mentoring, tutoring, physical activity and more, Compass Mark programs have been created to help individuals and families develop the skills necessary to take control of their lives. These programs offer tools and encouragement that allow people to realize their full potential and develop leadership skills that open the door to more productive, fulfilling lives.

Leadership Day

The Leadership Day is a 3-4 hour retreat that helps students in grades 6-8

explore different aspects of leadership and helps the students develop the potential to become leaders in their schools and communities.


Future Generations Youth Leadership

This program works with middle and high school youth throughout the year in a variety of ways which provide a safe outlet for each young person’s energy and creativity. The program includes recreational, educational and service-learning activities after school, and during a week-long overnight camp and subsequent summer day camp. .


Campus Resiliency

Campus Resiliency is a customizable menu of programs and services designed to reduce levels of substance use and other problem behaviors on higher education campuses while building strong personal resiliency skills among students.


Lions Quest®

Lions Quest is a life skills education program designed to help young people in grades K-12 develop positive commitments to their families, schools, peers, and communities and to encourage healthy, drug-free lives.


Not sure which programs are right for you? Let us save you time and make sure you find the best services to match the needs of your school, workplace, community or organization. Contact Carol Kuntz today at (717) 299-2831 ext. 232 for a free assessment.