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BUILDING SKILLS: Communication

Effective communication is a valuable skill and an important key to successful living. Compass Mark programs can help individuals improve their communications and learn how to interact positively with their families, schools, peers and communities.


The SkillQuest program consists of six curriculum topics developed to provide middle school students with skills to help them become successful, happy and responsible members of their communities. The curriculum topics are: Bully Busting, Anger Alert, Stressed Out, Transitions and Cultural Diversity/Tolerance.


Elementary Youth Support Program (EYSP)

EYSP is a school-based, small-group early intervention/prevention program for students in grades K-5 at risk for substance abuse and other health-damaging behaviors.


Student Skills for Life

Student Skills for Life is a group educational experience which serves as:

  • intervention for youth experimenting with alcohol or other drugs;
  • prevention for any adolescent or college-age population.

The program provides experiential life skills training, and may include drug & alcohol assessments and parenting classes when appropriate.


Future Generations Youth Leadership

The Future Generations after-school program provides a safe outlet for each young person’s energy and creativity. The program includes recreational, educational and service-learning activities. Academic tutoring is a key component of the program.


Leadership Day

The Leadership Day is a 3-4 hour retreat that helps students in grades 6-8 explore different aspects of leadership and helps the students develop their potential to become leaders in their schools and communities. 


Strengthening Families®

The Strengthening Families Program helps families learn how to communicate with each other and improve the relationships between parents and teens ages 10-14. The first hour of each session the parents and teens meet separately with their group leaders. During the second hour, everyone comes together to participate in fun activities that reinforce the ideas and skills learned in the individual sessions.


Campus Resiliency

Campus Resiliency is a customizable menu of programs and services designed to reduce levels of substance use and other problem behaviors on higher education campuses while building strong personal resiliency skills among students.


Lions Quest®

Lions Quest is a life skills education program designed to help young people in grades K-12 develop positive commitments to their families, schools, peers, and communities and to encourage healthy, drug-free lives.


Prevention Works

Prevention Works is a customizable menu of programs and services designed to prevent workplace substance abuse while enhancing employee teamwork, communication and mutual respect.

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