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Campus Resiliency

Campus Resiliency is a customizable menu of programs and services designed to reduce levels of substance use and other problem behaviors on higher education campuses while building strong personal resiliency skills among students.

Problem Areas Addressed:

  • substance abuse
  • campus violence
  • high risk student behavior

Skills Built:

  • personal resiliency
  • communication
  • early intervention

Age/Grade Level: Post-secondary institutions and students

Setting: Classroom, campus events, faculty educational sessions, technical assistance.

Format: Freshman for-credit resiliency courses, orientations, staff/faculty trainings, policy development, coalition development and assistance and consultation sessions

Effectiveness: Documented evidence of reduced unhealthy behaviors and increased academic commitment and performance


Not sure which programs are right for you? Let us save you time and make sure you find the best services to match the needs of your school, workplace, community or organization. Contact Carol Kuntz today at (717) 299-2831 ext. 232 for a free assessment or for more information on Campus Resiliency.