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Since 1966, we’ve been leading the way in all aspects of substance abuse education, prevention and intervention as the Council on Drug & Alcohol Abuse.

As Compass Mark, we continue our commitment to guide individuals and families on a journey toward lives free from substance abuse and full of promise.

From those personally struggling with addiction, to those seeking help for others or looking to prevent problems in the first place, Compass Mark has the resources to help direct children, teens and adults on a healthy, successful life path.

Through the years, we’ve focused on solutions and ideas that make an impact. Creating the first addiction counseling available in the county, the first residential treatment center, the first support program for children with addicted parents, the first intervention program for underage drinkers, and the first summer prevention camp for high-risk children. Additionally, many of our successful programs have received recognition and are held as examples to other counties:

  • Center for Substance Abuse Prevention Exemplary Program Award
  • The Insurance Partnership Gold Award
  • Governor’s Highway Safety Award: Alcohol Highway Safety
  • The National Commission Against Drunk Driving Award
  • Pennsylvania Certification Board Program of the Year

Today, we continue our tireless efforts to develop powerful educational and support programs that make a difference in lives. Focusing on Lancaster and Lebanon counties, we will take our customized skill-building programs anywhere there is a demand. All programs are designed to help individuals face life’s challenges with the strength to make positive decisions that lead to unshakable families, productive workplaces and safe, flourishing communities.

Compass Mark's mission is to reduce the incidence, prevalence, and consequences of the harmful use of and addiction to alcohol and other drugs.